I have known Roberto Fars for 20 years and the passion he has for guns, shooting and hunting is demonstrated through his ethics. knowledge and experience in this field. He will research and talk about this topic for hours and answers any question anyone might have. First and foremost, Roberto puts SAFETY FIRST. He started teaching his sons respect and safety of guns at a young age and anytime he has a new student, no matter how experienced they are, he starts with the basics and SAFETY. Roberto has 4-5 head of horses that he and his sons hunt on every fall. He takes excellent care of his horses and once again, SAFETY FIRST. I would strongly recommend anyone, including young people, to take training from Roberto Fars with any gun for any sport or hunting expedition.

Heidi Merritt

I've worked and hunted with Roberto for many years as we are both physicians in our day jobs. I had always wanted to hunt, but really did not even know where to start. Roberto took me under his wing, taught my son and I all about different rifles, calibers and techniques. Hunting with Roberto, I also had the chance to hunt with his kids and watched his youngest son, Antonio, shoot elk and hit them at 700 yards, 500+ yards and 775 yards! But even better than then that, I have shot my first elk at 380 yards, first white tale deer in the waning hours of the day with poor lighting, wind, and technical challenges. I also shot my first antelope with a spot and stalk hunt for the ages. Shot placement was key, and he went down with one shot. In short, Roberto's instruction has helped open up the awesome world of hunting for me and my family!

Nathan Ker (first rifle, Tikka T3 30.06/current hunting setup is 6.5 PRC with mark V leupold scope)