Take the Shot

Cover all the basics at our long-range shooting classes in Casper, WY

Does all the new hunting gear and techniques out there leave you scratching your head? Not sure what kind of rifle or caliber is best for you? Cold Bore Long Range Precision Hunting LLC in Casper, WY is ready to help you answer these questions and more with our long-range shooting classes.

During our classes, we'll:

Cover new modern hunting techniques
Teach you about the equipment
Provide long-distance rifle training

Whatever you need help with, we have you covered. Sign up for one of our long-range shooting classes today.

Turning you into a better hunter

Turning you into a better hunter

When you take one of our classes, you'll get unmatched one-on-one training. We want you to improve both as a hunter and as a shooter. That's why we cover everything from the gear you need to long-distance rifle training.

Plus, we won't just tell you what to do. Instead, we'll explain why each technique or method is useful and when to best apply them. Thanks to this approach, you'll find yourself ready to take on any kind of hunting situation.

If you're ready to start bagging new trophies, register for a class with us now.