Start Expanding Your Hunting Skills

Increase your knowledge through our mule deer hunting class in Casper, WY

The second level of instruction we offer at Cold Bore Long Range Precision Hunting LLC is The Mule Deer course. This two-day, $1,500 intermediate hunting course expands on the knowledge and practical experience from the basic course (The Antelope). You will learn more advanced theories on reading the wind and adapting for other conditions like weather and topography. Field study and practice shooting are more intense, with longer range targets and more complex shooting techniques to maintain your precision on the hunt.

During this course, you'll learn the following:

  • How to use your range finder
  • How to read the wind and measure the wind's influence on your ballistic profile
  • How to design an optimal long distance shooting platform, including the differences between the “good” equipment and the best!

Continue to build up your shooting skills by booking The Mule Deer Course in Casper, WY today.