Learn the Hunting Essentials

Develop your hunting skills with our antelope hunting class in Casper, WY

Everyone needs a foundation of knowledge to apply in the sport of hunting. The most awesome thing about hunting antelope is the wide range of shots one can take, long distance or otherwise. These spot and stalk hunts are perfect for practicing the techniques you will learn, along with the “book knowledge” that helps you understand the best shot to take. At Cold Bore Long Range Precision Hunting LLC in Casper, WY, we help new hunters learn the core skills they need through our basic hunting course.

During our course, we'll cover:

  • An introduction to the theory and science of long-range shooting
  • How bullets travel
  • Gun barrels and their influence on the shot
  • What Rifles are tried and true for the long-distance shot
  • Steadying your rifle (tripod)
  • How to use your scope (first focal plane and second focal plane) and other scope basics.
  • Adjusting your MOA or mil-dot elevations and windage for the shot.
  • How to sight your rifle

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Benefits of an antelope hunt

Benefits of an antelope hunt

Our antelope hunting class serves as the perfect testing area for new hunters. You'll find that there's a wide range of shots you can take on these hunts. This spot-and-stalk style of hunting is great for applying the techniques learned in our course.

Each antelope hunting class is $1,500 for two days of hunting. Lunch and dinner are included and lodging is easy to find. You can also rent a rifle from us for $250 per day.

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