Take Your Hunting Game to the Next Level

Register for an elk hunting class in Casper, WY

Are you ready to seriously turn your shooting skills up a notch? Cold Bore Long Range Precision Hunting LLC in Casper, WY has you covered. Our three-day, $2,500 advanced hunting course will cover the techniques used by the sport's top hunters.
This makes it a perfect capstone for those who have taken our basic and intermediate courses. It's also great for hunters with plenty of practical experience who really want to elevate their skillset.
During our advanced hunting course, you'll take a deep dive into refining your hunting skills. Our course study includes:

  • Basic reloading techniques and practice
  • Long-range shot selection (shot and distance limitations for your caliber
  • Practice and more field experience
  • Handling unknown target distances
  • Wilderness medicine techniques and what to do in case of an emergency
  • Predator hunting and it's unique aspects
  • Hunting with horses

Ready to become a master of these skills? Contact us now to reserve a spot for The Elk Course.